Our community of trusted partners enables clients to choose to work with them individually or in tandem with us, providing a wide array of tailored solutions.

Our trusted partners

Strategy & storytelling

Tom Behrens

Strategy Consultant

Opportunity is everywhere, but a scarcity of bandwidth or vision can make it elusive. Often, leadership needs a strategic sounding board to make an impact.

I help organizations genuinely understand their present state and map future possibilities. With a commercial strategy agreed upon, I build unique tools to assist leaders in implementing change.

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UX design


UX design

Gusta is a digital design studio specializing in websites, apps, interfaces, and systems. Our studio is based in Valencia and works worldwide with international teams.

We’re purposely small. Being small means being flexible and personal—giving us focus on long-standing relations with our clients and the team to work on big ideas. We believe that when people feel happy, building those relationships comes naturally, and top-notch quality work will follow.

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Creative coding

Aixa Jemmott-Musin

Web designer & developer

Crafting your online presence through web design and development is a crucial aspect of modern brand identity. It influences how your audience perceives your business, interacts with your products or services, and ultimately, drives success.

I specialise in creating visually appealing and highly functional websites that resonate with your brand's ethos. Together, we'll create a compelling digital experience that truly represents your business.

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Illustration design

Claire Cianca

Art Director & Illustrator

llustration is often forgotten or overlooked when it comes to brand design, but it can help shape an identity in so many ways. Through consistent and thoughtful usage, adding illustration to your brand can level up its personality, render it more recognizable, and speak to an audience with nuance.

Looking for custom illustrations, or guidance on how to seamlessly incorporate them into your brand and products? I can help discover and execute the best path forward.

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